Monday, December 8, 2008

Tomato Paste in a Tube!

So, I watch my friend Giada use this stuff for years, but until about a year ago I had never seen this product in the store. I still haven't seen it in Knoxville, but I've heard it is carried in certain stores. I found this product at the Albertson's by my mom's house and bought like 3 tubes because I was so excited! Anyway, this stuff is awesome! You can add just one or two tablespoons to a recipe without having to open an entire can of tomato paste. I just used it tonight to stretch my sloppy joe recipe to cover a little more ground beef than it called for.


Coffeybunny said...

LOVE this stuff. You know they also have pesto in a tube. Yep, love it.

Betsy said...

Somehow I missed this post of yours way back. I love this stuff! I've found it at Fresh Market before. It's worth every penny and keeps well in the fridge.


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