Friday, January 30, 2009

Contour Changing Pad

We have used this changing pad on top of our changing table since Ethan was born, but last week I discovered a new use for this pad. While packing late at night for an upcoming vacation Ethan started crying. I thought this was odd....until I got upstairs. We had our first case of a stomach bug. Yuk! Well while I cleaned up his bed I laid him on the changing table and he just curled up in a little ball. We then moved the pad to the floor of the bathroom where Ethan and I spent the night. It worked great! It was just like a little portable bed. Who knew?

I do have to admit I have never used the straps that come with this pad. We also have the boppy changing pad cover on it which makes it very soft.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Average Millionaire

According to Dave Ramsey the average millionaire reads one non-fiction book a month! This month I will focus on some of the great non-fiction books I think you should read in 2009.

I've already reviewed
Soon I will post reviews on
This year I will be reading
Do you have a book that you think we should read? Send me your review and I'll post it here. Happy reading!


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