Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Free Chick-fil-a!!

This special has been extended for the month of March!!! I'm so bummed that I've missed it so far and that I'll be gone next Thurday morning. If you didn't catch my post in February you can read it below:

FREE Breakfast! That's right, this morning I had a free breakfast. Chick-fil-a is running a "box top" promotion in the month of February. If you live in Knoxville you can claim your free breakfast on Thursday mornings by bringing in any cereal box top. I know other cities do this in the month of February so check your local Chick-fil-a restaurants. In Knoxville the restaurants will donate the box tops for education to local Knox County Elementary schools! This morning the featured breakfast was a chicken sandwich, but it's my understanding it will be different every week.

I do love Chick-fil-a for other reasons! They are a great place to eat with toddlers. I would actually rather go in at a Chick-fil-a then go through the drive through (like all other fast food places). If you go up to the counter with your little ones they will offer to bring your food to your table. For every kiddo they will give you a disposable place mat that you can just lay thier food out on. If you don't see any placemats on thier high chairs just ask them, they probably have them behind the counter.

I also use to think to myself, "Who can really eat a 12 count chicken nugget meal?" Well, now that I have a little one with me I usually get the 12 count value meal and I eat the normal 8 and Ethan gets 4. At most Chick-fil-a restaurants there is also a person who comes around to bus the tables of your trash.

My favorite location in Knoxville is Turkey Creek. For some reason I think they are a tad bit more accomidating, although I haven't had a bad expeirence at Bearden Hill, they might just offer to do less for you.

All in all I give Chick-fil-A 5 Stars for toddler friendliness and an extra gold star for FREE breakfast!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Navy

So I like clothes, but I love cheap good looking clothes! That's where Old Navy comes in. I already knew to shop their sales and my friend Betsy gets killer deals on her boys clothes from their website. My husband also loves (and looks good in) all of thier mens polos and he even bought a nice wool jacket there this winter. I also in addicted to their simple, cheap, but durable flip flops (I already bought my two pairs for this season).

It even got better this morning because read over on a the diaper diaries that Old Navy puts out a weekly online flyer. In this flyer are "hidden" deals like 5,10,15, and 20% off an in-store purchase and get this, even $50-75 off of $100 purchase! To find them you have to scroll your mouse over the pictures and find places that your arrow to turn in to a clickable finger. The coupons go quick, by the time I checked there were only %off coupons left. If you want the 20% off coupon (and it is still available) watch for the green banner in the upper right hand box to scroll by and then click on it. I will be checking back every week in hopes that I get $100 worth of clothes for $25! You can even subscribe to the flyer down on the bottom left hand side and when you do you get an online coupon emailed to you. Happy Shopping!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My son eats soup!

So my son picked out this can of soup at the store a few weeks ago. He is all about the movie Cars so I indulged his request and as he was eating his first bowl of soup I noticed that he was also eating the few carrots that were included in this chicken noodle soup. Ah ha! I thought. I have since made him this soup with a half of a can of mixed veggies and a half a can of chicken breast. He loves it! He eats most of the vegetables (he still picks out the green beans) and most of the chicken along with the noodles. The great thing about these noodles is that they are perfect for little toddler hands. The are flat and about nickel sized so they are also easy to scoop with a spoon.


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