Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Becoming the Woman of His Dreams

This is a great book that I just finished in my Thursday morning bible study. If you are a married woman you must read this book! It has changed Philip and I's relationship and I feel like we are closer now than we have been in our 8 years of marriage. Sharon Jaynes spoke at our churches woman's conference a couple of years ago, but this is the first book of hers that I have read.

This book outlines how we can become what our husbands dream of, but not because they dream of it; but because we need to be obedient to God. Once we are married we have entered a covenant relationship with our husbands AND God. We are to be sanctified through our relationship with our husbands.

I know not all Moms out there are wives, but if you are divorced I still think that this book could be for you. In this book Sharon tells the story of one couple who were reconciled because of the changing of a wive's heart. It makes me tear up just thinking about the possibilities. God can do anything, even restore a broken marriage.

Here is the summary from Sharon's website:

Do you want to become the woman of your husband's dreams? If your answer is "yes," then Sharon's book is for you. Becoming the Woman of His Dreams offers you an inspiring look at the God-ordained role only you have in your husband's life. If you would like a little "wow!" back in your relationship with the man you married, let seven simple secrets, biblical wisdom and tender stories inspire you.

"Sharon has captured the essence of a man's core needs and offers practical steps women can take to be the woman of his dream? If you are looking for a book that will encourage you, you've fount it - Sharon delivers help and hope on every page." Dennis Rainey, president of Family life

"Sharon has written the ideal book for wives who wish to live with happy husbands. My wife and I believe Becoming the Woman of His Dreams has the potential to radically enhance the climate in husband/wife relationships." Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages for Marriage

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