Monday, July 28, 2008

Pizza Cutter: 5 Stars

So my friend Betsy reminded me that her family could simply not live without their pizza cutter. I agree! We use it to cut everything, including: quesadillas, pancakes, cheese sandwiches, any sandwich, toast, etc. into bite size toddler pieces. One of my son's favorites is Betsy's breakfast croutons recipe. It reintroduced me to the wonderful simplicity of buttered toast. Yumm!

This post reminds me of a Jon and Kate plus eight episode where they are answering viewer emails. In one episode of the show Jon cuts up eight pancakes with a fork and knife. Apparently thousands of viewers wrote in to suggest that he use a pizza cutter in the future. Jon and Kate can even tell when this episode is aired as a re-run because they get hundreds of emails with the same suggestion. Jon says that he now uses (and loves) the pizza cutter for cutting pancakes for his kids.

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