Monday, June 1, 2009

The Children's Catechism

All Christian moms worry about teaching their kids enough about God and bringing them up in a way that will glorify Him. The Children's Catechism is a tool that my friend Betsy introduced me to and we are having so much fun teaching Ethan about God. He is only 23 months and he can answer the first three questions! We have even printed out the first 10 questions and posted them in the library.

Do you use the Children's Catechism? How else are you raising your children in the way that they should go?


Betsy said...

We love the Children's Catechism! It gives us a terrific way to introduce biblical vocabulary to our children; later, when their comprehension catches up, we already have "words" in place to discuss some of the deeper issues of our faith. (Come on... the fact that God made us might be question #1, but it's a pretty deep concept when you get right down to it!)

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I love too that when false teachers come along and claim that we just evolved here, our kids can have the foundation that God made them!


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