Monday, July 21, 2008

Booster Seat: 5 Stars

When we first registered for our baby we registered for a beautiful full size wooden high chair. After receiving the high chair we asked for, we realized just how much space it would take up in our house. With two 75+ pound dogs and their two crates in our dining room we realized something smaller would be better for our family. We returned the big highchair in exchange for this booster seat by Fisher-Price.

We never could have imagined how much this chair has come in handy. Not only is it small (the back folds down and the bottom feet collapse in), but the height is also adjustable. It has made the trip to several friends' houses and my in-laws have even bought one of their own. It is also great because if you are having a dinner party after the kiddos are in bed, it can be taken off of the chair it is on and the chair is now free for your guests. The extra tray is nice but I have to admit that I don't use it often. Actually right now we hardly ever use the tray at all. We just set the chair to the tallest setting and pull it right up to the table. This seat can be found at any of the major retail stores and is about $30.00. After I saw my friend with quads using these seats I knew my investment was wise.


Danielle said...

I would just like to add that this picture is inaccurate and I although I have used this chair many times with Ethan, the tray has never levitated in such a way.

Betsy said...

We are HUGE fans of booster seats. We have never bought a high chair. One of my favorite features is that you can pull those little ones right up to the table and begin table manner/civilization training early before anything becomes too nasty of a habit (hmm... throwing food, spilling drinks, playing with tablecloths, flipping plates over, ...). We're a bit outnumbered at our table (two adults, 1 two year old, 2 one year olds), but it's worth it!


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