Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buying a "real" camera for kids instead of a toy version

As I uploaded pictures today from Ethan's camera onto our Shutterfly site I was again reminded about how glad I am that we bought him a "real" camera for his big brother present.  You see, when we first got pregnant I knew I wanted to get Ethan a big brother gift and then as the day of Asher's arrival got closer I settled on getting him his own camera.  After search for days for a kid's camera I just wasn't satisfied.  According to the reviews their screens are too small, the auto-focuses don't work half the time, and the pictures are just poor in quality.  The worst part is they cost as much as some nice new cameras.

The solution?  We scoured ebay until we found a "real" used camera that was cheap (less than $40).  Result?  Ethan has a great little camera with a large screen, stabilization mode for kid-friendly picture taking, and it can take videos.  All for way less then we would have paid on a "kids" camera.  And if he breaks it?  Oh well, we didn't pay much for it in the first place.

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