Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nuby Sippy Cups, 2 Stars

I have had these "No-spill cups with Soft Silicone Spout and Handle" for about five months and at first I was pretty happy with them. They made it really easy for Ethan to transition from Avent bottles (which have a silicone nipple) to drinking out of a sippy cup. A mom at Stroller Strides saw Ethan with this cup and commented that she hated them and that she had written a letter to the company complaining about how they leak all the time! I was really shocked because I thought they were really nice.

Over the last month or so my opinion has really changed! Not only do they leak like mad when placed upside down (leading me to bar them from my vehicle), but one of the nipples now has broken apart. I guess you can buy replacement nipples, but I will not be making that investment. Overall they did make the transition easier, but I will not be buying any more of these cups!

I know that Nuby makes other models and I am interested to see what other moms think of these cups and their kin. Also, if anyone is willing to buy the spout replacements I have three cups that you can have!


Betsy said...

We tried the Nuby cups with straws (supposed to be spill proof and all), but ours leaked terribly when they were knocked over, too. Not a fan....

By the way, I sent you a I Heart your Blog award... (full tummies). You're supposed to pass it on.

John and Allie Fields said...

Not a fan.


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