Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's Not a Horse

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One of our favorite types of games are those that don't need a table and even more special are those that don't need any equipment.  We learned this game from a fellow Physics undergrad student at UL.  I believe he was from Russia.  Basically this game is a Russia version of 20 questions, one person thinks of a word and the rest of the players try to guess what the word is.  We really like it because as soon as your kids are old enough to spell words (1st-2nd grade) they can fully participate in this game.  Here's how you play:

  • Player One thinks of a word.  It can be any noun.  Then they tell the other players the first letter of the word they have thought of.
    • "The first letter is H."
  • Now the rest of the players (in no particular order) ask questions of the first player that all have answers that begin with the letter that has been given.  The goal is to eventually figure out the word the first person is thinking of. 
    • "Is it a farm animal?"
  • Player One must now think on an answer that begins with the given letter and answers the question.  They begin with the phrase "No, it's not a...."
    • "No, it's not a horse."
  • Players continue to ask questions and Player One continues to try and answer without giving up the word he/she is thinking of.  If at any time the players stump player one by giving them a question he/she can not answer Player One must supply the next letter of the word he/she is thinking of.
    • "Is it the capital of Botswana?" 
    • Player One: "I don't know the capital of Bostwana."
    • "The capital of Botswana is Gaborone."
    • Player One: "Okay, the next letter of my word is "O"."
  • Player One doesn't have to answer the question exactly like the player thought it should be answered.  If Player One still supplies an answer that fits the criteria they "survived" that question.  The player then must rephrase the question before asking it again.
    • "Is it a show on Netflix?"
    • Player One: "No, it's not Heroes."
    • "Is it a Netflix original show?"
    • Player One: "No, it's not 'House of Cards'."
  • Eventually the players will stump Player One so many times they will be able to ask a question who's answer is the word Player One was thinking of all along.  The player that asks the winning question gets to go next.
    • "Is it a place you live?"
    • Player One: "Yes, it is a house! Now, you get to think of a word."
  • We have little house rules too - Player One must answer the question within a reasonable amount of time.  Maybe as long as it takes someone to sing the Jeopardy song?  
If I've missed anything or is these rules are unclear please let me know.  I hope you enjoy playing this game with your family.  Our favorite is to play the game around the fire or a road trip since you don't need any equipment to play.

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