Friday, November 12, 2010

A new family favorite: Pumpkin Creme Pies

I ran across these wonderful cookies on Ree Drummond's blog and I made them for a recent church event.  The results were AWESOME!  Not only were these tasty, but my husband who doesn't usually like pumpkin flavored things loved these cookies.  I would describe them as being very similar to a pumpkin roll, but in cookie form.

Here are some tips for following this recipe:
  • The recipe makes 24 cookies (not 12 as stated).
  • Although it instructs you to pipe the cookies one of the commenters said that you can just as easily scoop them.  I will try this next time.
  • Don't bother cutting the parchement into squares, as that is a huge waste of time, but do use parchement to bake the cookies on.
  • A PC medium scoop (about 2tbs) delivers the perfect amount of icing on each cookie to make 24 sandwiches.
Just in case you doubted how moist and delicious these are, here is another picture:

    At the church lunch these were gone in just under 10 minutes or so!  My family members were all so glad that we had tasted one at home because we did not get to enjoy them at the lunch!!  I will definitely be making these for Thanksgiving and every gathering between now and then.

    Here is the recipe step by step and in printable form.


    Megger said...

    THANK YOU FOR UPDATING. And this is the best post yet! Can't wait to make this.

    John and Allie Fields said...

    I think I just found a weekend project! Thank you!


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