Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been meaning to write about Chick-fil-A for quiet a while but I just hadn't gotten around to it.  I had even forgotten about it with my new blog, new baby, etc.  Imagine my joy when Betsy sent me a post about my favorite fast food restaurant: Chick-fil-A.  The only thing I would add to her list is that the Chick-fil-As in our area give away FREE food in exchange for box tops at least once a year.


Top Ten Reasons Chick-Fil-A is the BEST Fast Food Joint (especially for moms):

1. Great-tasting food
2. REAL food (you can tell those nuggets are made from... chicken! Most of their chicken is breaded in the actual restaurant and the french fries are actual potatoes)
3. Terrific customer service at the counter (they will even bring your food to you if you walk up to the counter with small children)
4. Even better customer service on the floor (I've had my drink refilled, my trash collected, my kids' meal prizes exchanged for ice cream--all without getting up from my seat)
5. Best kids' meal value: $2.89 for 4 nuggets, ample fries, a drink, and a toy that you can exchange for ice cream!!
6. Bendy straws for kids (why is this such a hard-to-find thing at other stores?)
7. Plastic placemats that stick to the table for kids to eat off of (again.... why don't other fast food rest'ts get this?)
8. Good kids' meal prizes (if you choose not get the free ice cream, you will usually be taking home a book or a CD instead of a junky plastic toy)
9. Pleasant dining environment (flowers on the table, clean, cheerful, etc.)
10. Truly amazing milk shakes 

Besides all this, Chick-Fil-A was started by a Christian family and is still closed on Sunday. 

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John and Allie Fields said...

One time a worker actually came up to me in the parking lot wanting to help me get both kids in when Cam was still in his carrier and SH was barely toddling.Then they took my order at the table and brought it to me!!! Also, the toddler books are perfect for the diaper bag.


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