Monday, January 18, 2010

Using the Internet to shop for a camera

While researching for my most recent purchase, Philip's uncle recommended this site. It is great if you are shopping for any digital camera. My favorite portion of this site was the video review that is included in most camera reviews. It's hard to shop for the best camera when you can't pick them all up and see how they feel or really see how fast they focus, etc. In these video reviews a man shows you around each camera. In real time you can see how well the live view works, or how fast the camera can auto focus, etc. You even get to hear what 4 frames per second (or 7 frames) sounds like.

Camera Labs also has a tips site that I just discovered. The same guy that gives the camera "tours" at Camera Labs also hosts online workshops on that can guide you through:
  • How to blur action shots for speed
  • How to get more in focus
  • How to take perfect sunsets
  • How to brighten your photos
  • and many more...
The website also has a guide for lenses, accessories, etc.

The last website I mainly used when shopping for this camera was this side by side comparison site hosted by From this site you can select all the cameras you think you are interested in and see a breakdown of how they compare in over 25 categories.

If you have any great Digital SLR sites, or just a photography tips site please share them in a comment!

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