Monday, December 8, 2008

Sippy Cups and Potty Training: A Call for Opinions

I have been searching for the perfect sippy cup and I have already posted about one of the cups that I did not like. I will write about the other two types of cup we use later, but until then please tell me about the cups you use. Is there any cup out there that won't leak? If so please let me know.

Also, a recurring theme at our MOPS meetings lately seems to be potty training. My friend Janet already has reviewed a chair and a video. What products have you tried? I hear mixed reviews of chairs on the floor or seats for the regular toilet. Which is better? I have also heard about an Elmo video and a book. If any mom out there has tips (when to start, how do you know when kiddos are ready, etc.) please send them to me!

I have some good posts planned for the near future, so stay tuned. I look forward to hearing from some of you out there!

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Coffeybunny said...

Since you asked for opinions...
I recommend waiting until your child is ready to train. Child directed training takes a week at most, Mom directed training can take months.
I recommend having both, the floor model and the seat for the big potty. They're cheap, esp. if you can borrow or get them used. You want to give your kid options for more success.
I also recommend waiting for warm weather, as there is less clothing to remove and you can let boys pee in the backyard on a tree.
And remember, staying dry at naptime or through the night may take years. My guy is still wetting and he's been trained for almost 3 yrs. It's normal.
Good luck!


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