Thursday, August 13, 2009

Temporal Thermometer *Revised*

Philip and I were first introduced to this thermometer in our childbirth classes and it is awesome! A temperature reading comes up as fast as you can swipe this thermometer across your child's forehead. In the time it takes a digital thermometer to register a temperature you can take 3 or 4 readings with this one. I know most pediatricians will ask for a rectal temp, but so far mine has taken my temporal readings (even when Ethan was really young). I know this thermometer is more expensive than a digital one, but we did get a coupon from our childbirth classes and even if you don't have a coupon, it is worth the cost.

Revision: This thermometer has worked relatively well for us for about 2 years. However, recently when Ethan was running a really high fever (over 103) for some reason the thermometer was only registering 99 or 100. I could tell just by touching Ethan that his fever was much higher and another reading with an under-the-arm thermometer proved me to be correct.

My recommendation has now changed for this is neat to have to get a quick reading, but when you are in more serious situations it is good to have a back up method.

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